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Wealth creation trends for health care professionals

Yves shares the key trends and issues regularly seen amongst his healthcare clients.

Yves Schoof is a specialist wealth creation Financial Adviser for Doctors & Dentists at Affluence Private,

"There's been a big shift, I think, over the past ten years, where young people are having the realisation, I'm really good at what I do, but I'm not good with money, and I really need some help".

We are now seeing a key trend: clients come to us earlier for advice, more proactive rather than reactive. They want to establish themselves financially earlier and be smarter with their financial future.

Greater awareness around cash flow and investments, the power of compounding, understanding the power of starting early with small amounts of discipline and letting the money work for you. Watch our interview for valuable insights with Yves and if you need help with your financial future, reach out to Yves below.



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