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Making the complex simple.

Helping you build a profitable Medical and Dental practice.

You Look after the patient's health.


We look after your practice health.


Most people will tell you that doctors and dentists earn a lot of money.


That's not the whole picture.


Gruelling study and long work hours.


High-priced ongoing practice costs and punitive tax obligations.


We have your back.


Like you, you'll love our honesty, energy, focus and fairness in all of our dealings.

And above all, they love that we listen to make sure we help you reach the highest levels of your dreams and goals.

We turn our knowledge into great value for you; it's as simple as that.

There's no smoke and mirrors.

There are no 'cookie-cutter solutions.

And there's total transparency, too; we make the complex beautifully simple for you.


Why Us?


Our clients say that it's a journey that starts where the others stopped.

The challenge is, of course, that many practice owners have a limited perception of what an accountant is or does.


At AffluenceCA, we changed that perception many years ago.

Your journey with AffluenceCA does start where the others stop.

Because we have one focus — YOU —with us, you'll be looking way beyond the traditional horizons most accountants are restricted to.


We'll challenge the status quo and ask tough 'What if…' questions.

All with the ultimate aim of giving you precisely what you're seeking.


Changing your current accountant may feel like a stressful scenario you'd rather avoid.

Perhaps you've justified staying with your current firm because you've always been with them.

Or maybe you tell yourself the hassle of changing is too hard - even with an accountant who isn't providing the level of service your business demands.

If you feel you're not getting everything you should from your existing relationship, it costs you nothing to get a second opinion.

Why not meet us to discuss how we can match your needs?

162 Colin Street
West Perth WA 6005
(08) 9466 8478


We focus purely on those in the healthcare profession; your investment will start at a minimum of $4,250 pa.

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