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Why You Need A Specialist Medical And Dental Accountant

As a medical or dental professional, you understand the benefits of specialising in a particular niche. It should be no different for your service providers.

Indeed, the more you specialise in a particular area, the more knowledge and expertise you acquire and the more valuable you become to your patients and clients.

This is exactly why we at Affluence Group in Perth have specialised in Medical and Dental Accounting and Tax Services.

Unfortunately, we see many prospective medical and dental clients who are not receiving proper advice because they work with a generalist accountant.

There are several issues with this:

  1. You may miss out on valuable tax deductions and tax planning strategies;

  2. You may expose yourself to unnecessary risk and potential penalties by using inappropriate tax planning strategies.

So if you are a doctor or a dentist, why not come and see us and take advantage of our initial free meeting offer. We are Perth’s premier Medical and Dental Accountants and can accommodate a suitable meeting time and location.


Contact Mitchell via to book your free meeting.

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