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Ride-Sourcing Is Taxi Travel

Following recent Federal Court cases, the ATO position is that “ride-sourcing” (for example, Uber driving) is “taxi travel” when considering the GST requirements.

For GST purposes, the word ‘taxi’ means a car (vehicle) made available for public hire that is used to transport passengers for fares.

The ATO has advised that clients with a ride-sourcing business should:

  1. Keep proper records;

  2. Have an ABN & register for GST – there is no minimum turnover requirement for a ride sourcing business;

  3. Pay GST on the full fare (prior to the Uber fee or similar being deducted);

  4. Lodge activity statements;

  5. Include the income in their tax returns. Drivers are entitled to claim income tax deduction and GST credits on expenses related to the ride-sourcing services they have provided. It would be recommended to keep a logbook for a 12-week period to substantiate your motor vehicle deductions.

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Further information

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